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Sue Franks originated in Roma Queensland however now is permanently located inWamuran South East Queensland. Sue regularly travels throughout Queensland and Australia teaching and holding clinics for horses and rider.

Sue currently competes predominantly in reining however still teaches students from all horse disciplines.

The calendar tab on this website will be constantly updated to display where the upcoming clinics and lesson locations will be.


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For those who have not attended a lesson or clinic held with Sue Franks the following a short word from Sue on what she aims to assist riders with.

A word from Sue;
“My goal’s at my clinics and lessons is for participants to enjoy riding and competing as much as I do!
I teach tools such as exercises to build confidence and overcome frustration that can come from riding on your own or with limited assistance from a regular trainer. I understand that not all riders are about to get to a trainer or coach regularly for whatever reason.
I believe that to enjoy riding fully you need to feel safe and have the knowledge and imagination to fix problems at home. With this in mind my clinics and lessons are designed with the following in mind;
• Learning to stay in the moment
• Have a positive mental attitude
• Have the skills to build your own confidence and that of your horse in you.
A rider’s enjoyment and success comes from attitude not their aptitude, so with help and coaching everybody can learn feel, balance and timing the keys to good horsemanship and fun with your horse.

“Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are it’s seeds; you can grow produce, or you can grow weeds!!!.”"


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